////Micrel Patient Controlled Regional Analgesia Infusion Pump

Micrel Patient Controlled Regional Analgesia Infusion Pump

Patient Controlled Regional Analgesia

Epidural, peripheral nerve blocks and wound infiltration analgesia commonly require the use of pre-filled large standard capacity bags. As patients are becoming more mobile in their recovery period it is important to integrate better these large medication bags into the system. In addition the users require a safe and simple device, without frequent alarms, risk-free programming and a trustworthy history back up. Clear identification of the infusion route from device to patient is a must in order to avoid potential medication infusion error.
Birth delivery analgesia specifically tends to use the “Programmed Automatic Bolus” (PAB) combined with PCA demand facility to optimize pain release during labor.

Micrel is offering the yellow color coded Rythmic Evolution range, to exceed the expected safety, reliability and optimize the comfort required by medical staff and patient in Regional Analgesia. In addition, Rythmic Evolution is “Ready to Connect” providing an instant access to the infusion information and pain history through the web for hospital and home care applications.


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