////Micrel Ambulatory Patient Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump

Micrel Ambulatory Patient Controlled Analgesia Infusion Pump

Ambulatory Patient Controlled Analgesia

Treatment of Post Operative, Palliative Care and Chronic Pain with a PCA pump ideally requires a safe,
easy to use and trouble free system without frequent alarms and a trustworthy history back up.
Easy set installation and priming, risk-free programming and patient mobility contribute to treatment success.
The use of opioids requires close monitoring of the infusion in hospital and at home. Continuous information feedback on the infusion status and pain history is a necessity for clinicians to optimize the pain treatment especially for the home-based patient.

Micrel is offering the RythmicTM Evolution pump to exceed the expected safety, reliability and comfort required by medical staff and patient. Furthermore RythmicTM Evolution is “Ready to Connect” providing an instant access to the infusion information and pain history through the web.


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